About us

Why blockchain?


While only a few years ago blockchain technologies seemed to belong to a distant realm of a few enthusiasts and innovators, today major businesses, banks, governments and social institutions all over the planet take a keen interest in their development and their application. Like the industrial revolution that profoundly transformed the economic and social relations in Western societies during the 19th century, blockchain technologies are permanently changing the world today. 

Blockchain offers revolutionary solutions to us all. In real time and instantaneously it creates and records transactions that are permanent, immutable and untamperable. In the unstable world of uncertainty, where in the past, in order to complete any transaction, we were obliged to commit our trust to a third party, be it a financial institution or a government agency or a legal entity, blockchain for the first time in history eliminates the need for a third party verification and creates a new and unique environment of certainty where trust is no longer required. In the age when major economic and political institutions abuse their authority and betray our confidence, blockchain offers to us all a decentralized, verifiable and highly reliable way to carry out legal, financial, business and social transactions that are efficient, cost-effective and free from the corruptible influences of any centralized authority. 

It is no wonder that an increasing number of professionals from all fields of expertise - entrepreneurs and investors, social and environmental activists, bankers and government officials, lawyers and healthcare workers, financiers and politicians, inventors and charity donors and many, many others - all turn to blockchain technologies in order to find solutions to the problems they could not solve before and to design new and more effective ways for them to conduct business and to succeed in the modern world. Our team is here to answer their inquiries, to address their questions and to serve their needs. Our team is here to bring blockchain to you. 


Why Bit-Labs? 


We are a team of blockchain technology experts, based in St. Petersburg, Russia, and not only there. We have a substantial and vast professional experience and expertise in the field. Our mission is to provide innovative, effective and reliable blockchain solutions for you. Whether you run your own business, manage a corporation, offer financial services, provide legal counseling, sell real estate, head a government agency, run a hospital, oversee a cultural institution or represent a social organization, or whatever else your professional activities may be, Bit-Labs is here to listen to you and to offer you in response our highly practical, cost-effective and rapid blockchain solutions, catered solely to your needs and designed specifically for you. Do you have a specific interest in ICOs or tokenization or cryptocurrencies or smart contracts as a way to expand your business? Or are you in general curious to learn how blockchain solutions could improve the day-to-day operation of your corporation or your cultural institution? Whatever your concerns may be, we are prepared to address them in close collaboration with you. For the examples of the blockchain solutions we provide, please visit here

We are also here to expand your knowledge about blockchain and to offer you practical training in developing specific skills for blockchain solutions. We invite to you participate in our seminars (hyperlink to курсы). If you have any other specific requests, please let us know. 

We are committed to the development and the expansion of blockchain technologies as a new technological paradigm that will undoubtedly transform the world.  We derive enormous satisfaction from converting the challenges of your professional life of today into the highly effective solutions for your professional future that will not only improve its efficiency and quality but will also bring you substantial financial rewards. If you are ready to talk, we are here to listen: (контактная информация/форма для заполнения)