Bitcoin lottery and blockchain 

Bitcoin lottery and blockchain 

A lottery is the humanity's most ancient form of entertainment. Also considered to be a form of gambling, lotteries, in most countries, require licensing and, in some countries, they belong exclusively to the realm of the state-run monopolies. World-wide, lotteries represent multi-billion dollar businesses and cryptocurrencies offer them now new and unique opportunities for running a transparent and honest lottery game where the smart contracts determine and distribute the winnings and the blockchain technologies preclude the human factor from creating errors or fraud in the game.  

The "Golden Bitcoin", a new concept for a Bitcoin lottery that we are proposing, is based on the opportunities it offers to conduct lottery draws instantaneously and to run and manage the whole process of the game 100% automatically. As a completely automated mechanism, this blockchain lottery is a game where its participants, interacting simultaneously among themselves and with the lottery bots (representing the interests of the game's owners), are all on an equal footing during their play. As opposed to a single-user layout for a blockchain lottery that limits the choices for a player to a single lottery ticket in his interaction with the opposing generator of random winning numbers, the Golden Bitcoin offers its player a tool for running multiple variables while playing the game. 

To familiarize yourself with the concept of the game, please click below:

The "Golden Bitcoin" Lottery (demo).

In order to further develop this project, we are seeking investment for its licensing, incorporation and marketing in the appropriate markets. We will be also glad to work with the organizations or businesses that have already established themselves in their own markets and have their own active clientele. To contact us, please use the contact form at the page bottom.


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