Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Projects: tools for investment and business development

Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Projects: tools for investment and business development

Many entrepreneurs shy away from actively utilizing cryptocurrencies as a tool for their business operations because of the uncertainties surrounding their status in the world. Perhaps, erring on the side of caution is an appropriate attitude in this case. However, the advantages of using crypto technologies are so obvious and attractive, that, once acquainted with them, an entrepreneur can no longer put it out of his mind and continues to search for a specific application of smart contract technologies for his own business. 

Project Structuring and Crypto Technologies 

We offer new and exciting opportunities for Russian and foreign entrepreneurs and investors to develop their own models of business and investment ventures in Russia and abroad using crypto technologies that are designed specifically to address their needs. Project structuring divides and codifies the business process of your enterprise into a chain of integrous units, each created to comply with the law and to provide a highly efficient and flexible business structure for your operation. Blockchain technologies are also perfectly suited for giving you a safe and practical instrument to build a project from scratch that is not only in complete alignment with the law requirements in each country of your venture, but is also uniquely calibrated to utilize the differences in legislation of each country involved to your greatest advantage. We bring project structuring and crypto technologies together to form a specialized, highly effective and innovative tool for creating an enterprise that is destined to succeed and thrive. 

Example: C = A+B

A: a Russian company wants to attract foreign investors for a new and more technologically advanced production line. The management of this company is eager to utilize blockchain technologies for raising funds but is hindered by the complexities of the legislative system that does not recognize cryptocurrencies and does not encourage their use.

B: a foreign investor is tempted by the financial opportunities in Russia but is also hesitant to invest his money there because of his distrust for the Russian legal system and his apprehensions about the safety of his own investment there. 

C: Bit-Labs steps in to develop this project and implements the following: 

A issues tokens as the digital identifiers for the products that the new line will produce. (The step is legally structured to avoid any entanglement with the Russian law).  At the same time a subsidiary for A, 2A, is established outside Russia. A transfers these tokens to 2A to be managed by them abroad. In return, 2A sends to A either the fiat currency for purchasing the required equipment or the actual equipment itself. Then A sets up a new production line and begins submitting payments to 2A in accordance with their agreement regarding the fees and the interest rates that was scheduled in advance. 

Abroad, B comes to 2A's office in his home country after 2A announces a launch of their ICO for A's production line and invests his money in the project. The whole transactions is safely guided by the local applicable laws. After the initial investment, B begins receiving interest payments determined by the agreement he signed with 2A, executed within the guidelines of the local legislation. In the end, A and B find that their interests were met and successfully satisfied to the maximum advantage of both parties. 

The above mentioned example is certainly a simplistic and incomplete version of a successful business model that combines blockchain technologies with project structuring methods to provide you with the most beneficial solution that is unique, effective and safe. if you are interested in the role of A or 2A or B, please let us know.  For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.