e-Outlet.ru: e-commerce market place for you

e-Outlet.ru: e-commerce market place for you

e-Outlet.ru is an electronic platform that offers a convenient and easy-to-use interface for all those wishing to participate in an online sale of goods and services. We developed this platform to serve those internet retailers who would like to rent a highly effective commercial space online for their own internet store or those who would like to utilize a space in an already existing online shop. 

This platform offers a highly effective tool for building your own online retail chain a manner analogous to the way any well-known franchise is set up in a physical world.  Our platform also gives you a unique opportunity to establish your presence in the Russian speaking Internet market as it is created to adjust itself to specific regional settings. In this case, the platform integrates itself with the prominent Russian language search engine yandex.ru, introducing and featuring your product to its audience during their online search. 

In addition, e-Outlet.ru supports widget generators, so your products will become visible on the appropriate widget-embedded sites. It will also make your products available for cross-selling. 

The platform can feature up to 10,000 items in your online store and can provide product and price information in a matrix format, utilizing a XML feed. 

e-Outlet.ru has been successfully launched in December 2016. For more information, please see 

https://e-outlet.ru/.  If you have any questions, please contact us (hyperlink to contact form)


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